As an estate agent we always get asked, “What will help to sell my house?” Ensuring your home is presented in the best way for potential buyers to view has never been more important.

Some of the ideas in this guide will assume you have some funds available to spend and others will require some time. We will give you some good ideas that will help you sell your house quicker and potentially increasing the sale price.

Here are helpful tips on what will help to sell your house.

Choose the right Local Agent

When you are selling your home, it is important to consider your target market and choose your estate agent accordingly. Local knowledge is very important, working with a local agent is a smart decision whether you are buying or selling. Their knowledge of the area, the connections they can tap into, and the skills they have from their experience can make a stressful process much easier.   An online agent isn’t for everyone; if you are selling a retirement bungalow and your target market is elderly, they are unlikely to want to use an agent that communicates solely online. Having said that, it is often true that people don’t care who they buy a house from, so it is about finding the right balance.

As well as ensuring your chosen estate agent has the local knowledge you need, it is also important to ensure that your estate agent is professional and can provide the help to sell your house that you need.

Preparing for viewings

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Prior to arranging a viewing, go round your home room-by-room and review how they could be improved. It might just be a small issue like an air freshener or a new curtain tie back. However, most people don’t bother with the small issues when selling their home, and it might just be that one small change that the potential owner notices that helps to sell your home.


Be aware of your local area

If you live near a school, don’t book a viewing at 9am or 3.30 pm. Living in a house makes it easy to forget some of the local factors that could be an issue when selling. Try to think back to some of your concerns when you bought the house and do what you can to avoid them being an issue.


And finally, something you have probably never considered; Get any big, bulky items into your car and if you are showing the viewers round move the car around the corner. Items such as dog beds, baby’s high chairs, children’s rocking horse etc., just take up space unnecessarily and are better off out of the house and out of sight.

Hopefully, the above ideas will help to sell your house. I’m a great believer that it’s the small things that make the big difference. Creating the right ‘feel’ in a home is so important and can’t be attributed to one single factor.

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